Children playing with colourful ribbons in the playground

Working with Academies

An education improvement team supports our academies, working to help deliver against targets, sharing strategies and best practice from national and international schools.

A progression charter sets out the success criteria for academies in the trust, from pre-school to pre-university.

The trust provides strategies to help children who are at risk of under achieving through to challenging and stretching the most able students.

We focus on the highest quality teaching and learning and have an outstanding teachers programme to enable top performers to coach and support others.  Our newly qualified teacher programme is the cornerstone of our future success and is outstanding.

An executive leadership team support and challenge academies to deliver improved teaching, with secondments and exchanges to share skills, fill vacancies and develop capabilities that add value to the learning of students.

The transition of all year six children from City Learning Trust primary academy to secondary school is monitored to ensure there is no loss of learning and a year five to year eight middle years literacy and numeracy curriculum improves core subject progression.