Sites and Premises

Sites & Premises

The Trust provides specialist management support towards the development and maintenance of high quality environments for young people and staff to work within.

We support academies to lower the cost of delivering services and also achieve sustainable results.

The sustainability results are two-fold:

  • Financially – we strive to achieve ongoing incremental savings over time, therefore freeing up funds for directly supporting young people
  • Ecologically – we strive to achieve efficiency and reduced consumption, therefore avoiding unnecessary waste and environmental damage

To achieve this we undertake the following:

  • In depth assessment of the status and current cost of existing services
  • Retrospective audits to ensure historical accuracy
  • Reduction of future essential costs
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure value is maintained

We enable academies through planning for the future and being better prepared to cope with fluctuations in the UK economy, changes in government policies or the knock on effects of global events.

We focus on all the key essential business costs including but not limited to the following:

  • Premises Costs:
    Building Management Systems, Business Rates, Building and Grounds Maintenance, Facilities Management
  • Communications:
    Landlines, Data, Mobiles, Tele and video conferencing
  • Energy:
    Gas, electricity, LPG, Smart Metering, Forward Pricing, energy management and efficiency, sub metering and monitoring, Green Policy development, CRC management, Carbon Trust funding and implementation, renewable and sustainable energy sources
  • Water and Sewerage:
    Metering, efficiency auditing, leak detection, rainwater harvesting, non return to sewer
  • Business Consumables:
    Printing and toners, stationery and scholastic supplies, work wear, furniture, couriers, cleaning and janitorial, food and catering, archiving, business machines, photocopiers
  • Environmental and Waste Management:
    General, clinical, hygienic, hazardous and specialist waste.