Excellence Academy

Excellence Academy

The City Learning Trust Excellence Academy (based at Haywood Academy) is a unique offer that is tailor-made to ensure that able learners have the best possible chances of securing places at top universities and in the most prestigious professions.

The curriculum that students follow has been carefully designed, working alongside university partners locally and nationally, to provide our learners with the essential skills, knowledge and experiences to propel them to excellence in their education.

In addition to an already diverse and challenging school curriculum where students undertake the National Curriculum programme of study, Excellence Academy students enjoy an extra three hours of tuition per week.

This takes place after school in sessions known as the ‘Super Curriculum’.

In Year 7, topics range from: archaeology in a module called ‘Unearthing the Past’ that will culminate in a dig on the school site; astronomy with visits to observatories to see how information about the planets, solar system and universe is gathered; to the study of the ancient worlds and civilisations.

As students progress into later years, topics as diverse as law, politics, medicine, business and finance, forensic science, culture and the arts will be covered, resulting in a rich and deep awareness of the wider world of learning above and beyond what is taught in the National Curriculum.

Students develop their abilities to solve problems, reason, debate, think creatively and critically – skills that are vital to success in learning and in life.

The aspiration is for students to have secured a GCSE equivalent qualification in Thinking and Reasoning by the end of Year 9 and an A Level in Critical Thinking by the end of Year 11, alongside their GCSEs.

Excellence Academy scholars will also experience visits to universities and places of artistic, cultural and historical significance.