School praised by schools boss

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has praised a school for its character-building activities for pupils.

Haywood Academy, in Burslem, was mentioned in her speech to a national conference this week, which called for more schools to champion traits like self-discipline, perseverance and respect.

Mrs. Morgan told delegates: “Haywood Academy offers a range of character-building activities through motivational speakers, Army cadet units and theatre programmes.”

The school won a Government award last year for these enrichment activities.

Source: The Sentinel – Saturday 23 January 2016

Nicky Morgan piece in The Sentinel

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At Holden Lane, we are thrilled to be joining the City Learning Trust. We will relish working in formal partnership with like-minded schools, developing “leaders of learning” both within the classroom and beyond, in an environment where there is mutual respect, a shared vision and a culture of continuous improvement.

Clare Thomas

Headteacher, Holden Lane Primary School