Headteacher Sharon Bates

Primary school celebrates successful Ofsted turnaround

Celebrations are underway at Mill Hill Primary Academy after Ofsted inspectors rated the school as Good.

The report, which was released today (November 5th) represents a huge success for the school, after a previous inspection in 2013 had deemed it inadequate.

Key points made by the inspectors:

  • Outcomes in reading, writing and mathematics have significantly improved since 2014.
  • Weak teaching has been eradicated.
  • Provision in early years is of a high quality which ensures children get off to a good start.
  • Disadvantaged, disabled and pupils with special educational needs make rapid progress.
  • Pupils behave well and feel safe and secure.

Headteacher Sharon Bates, said: “This Ofsted report is testament to the relentless hard work and commitment of everyone at this school.

“The staff, children, parents and families, along with our colleagues from the City learning Trust and external partners working with us, are all delighted with the outcome.

“Pivotal to this has been the school culture which has developed, through which we celebrate our successes and constantly explore our next steps to further improvement.

“The report not only underpins our core belief that children deserve nothing less than the best quality education, it also shows how much has been achieved in a short period of time to ensure our children achieve learning outcomes which meet and exceed national expectations.

“But it doesn’t stop there – now our aim is to focus on securing Mill Hill as an outstanding school.”

Sharon began working at Mill Hill in March 2014, as Interim Deputy Headteacher and took on the role of Headteacher in November 2014, taking over the reins from Interim Headteacher, Andrea Fisher, who continues to support the school as Associate Headteacher.

Chair of governors at the school, Fred Hughes, said: “This is an extraordinary achievement made possible by the dedication and hard work of headteacher Sharon Bates and the interim headteacher Andrea Fisher.

“Much praise must also be extended to the school’s excellent staff and indeed everyone, including parents and carers who have contributed in making it all possible.

“All of this has been recognised in Ofsted’s complementary report. I’m absolutely convinced that Mill Hill will continue to grow stronger.’

Now part of the City Learning Trust, Mill Hill has also been able to benefit from sharing resources and teaching models with other schools within the Trust, with teachers from Haywood Academy working alongside primary school staff in English, mathematics and PE for example.

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The staff here are excited about the extensive opportunities for collaborative working, sharing of teaching and learning expertise and resources and partnership development work, all of which will provide excellent learning opportunities for the children of our city.

Sharon Bates

Headteacher, Mill Hill Primary School