Prizewinners demonstrate commitment, determination and excellence

More than 200 prizewinning students, from five schools across Stoke-on-Trent, had their achievements recognised on Tuesday 16 June.

Hosted at the Victoria Hall, Hanley, the inaugural City Learning Trust Awards’ Evening attracted more than 1,500 students, teachers, proud parents and VIP guests, including Norman Smurthwaite, Chairman of Port Vale Football Club, and Dame Julia Cleverdon, DCVO, CBE.

The City Learning Trust has grown quickly over the last year and now includes Haywood Academy, Mill Hill Primary Academy, Smallthorne Primary, Holden Lane Primary and Hillside Primary.

Carl Ward, Chief Executive, City Learning Trust, said: “Tonight we celebrate the talent, hard work, efforts and achievements of pupils from across our family of schools, whilst not forgetting the commitment of parents, family, staff and governors who work hard to support children so that they can become the very best that they can be.

“The City Learning Trust schools work very closely together, unified by our values and our vision for a world-class education experience for children within our group of schools.

“Our young people continually inspire, motivate and challenge us to be better. The event recognises students who have shown commitment, determination and excellence in their studies and in their contributions to the life of their school or community.”

Among the prizewinners is Michael Hastings, who was nominated by his teachers for the Award for Endeavour. Michael joined Haywood Academy at the very end of Year 9 after relocating with his family to Stoke-on-Trent from the Scottish Highlands. Not only did he pick up all of his GCSE subjects one whole year into the course, but he also completed a three-year Diploma in Engineering in less than a year.

Holden Lane Primary pupil Zrink Ismail, wins the Reading Champion prize for increasing his reading age by more than two years during the six week Parent Reading Partnership Programme. His teachers said that he developed a clear passion for reading and made outstanding progress.

Mill Hill Primary School pupil Kelsey Ford, was crowned Numeracy Champion as a super mathematician who has made a lot of progress this year.

Smallthorne Primary School Head Girl Grace Parry, has been nominated for two awards – the Above and Beyond award and School Star – for her work ethos, care for other pupils and her excellent performance as Head Girl.

Aspiring professional dancer, William Rhead, from Hillside Primary School, won the Expressive Arts Award. His teachers say that he is a star in the making, a wonderful dancer and dedicates hours of his free time to pursing his dream. He is an inspiration to those around him and his dance skills have been recognised in stage shows and when performing in school.

Carl Ward added: “I hope that the students who receive awards will continue to strive for success, seize the opportunities they are offered, and achieve their dreams. They are fantastic role models and they should be very proud of themselves. I offer my warmest congratulations to them all.”

The full list of awards and winners is as follows:

Curriculum Excellence Awards

Logan Smith, Ethan Dwyer, Khadijah Bilal, Aneeqa Ali, Emily Woodcock, Katelyn Baddeley-Gwilt, Demi Reece Hammond, Rachel Holmes, Jarif Halim, Megan Heath, Marcus Baskeyfield, Faria Dar.

Daniel Cartwright, Sofia Hodgkinson, Tina Zheng, Joshua Ball, Joshua Wright, Ella Woodcock, Kasim Nadeem, Elliot Hanks, Fatma Sengel, Jerome Johnson, Mathew Anderson, Shauna Muldoon.

Taylor Coates, Thomas Millington, Grace Shepherd, Danielle Ball, Andii Ramsden, Lauren Smith, Safia Kabiri, Alex Hodgson, Mia Sant, Cameron Bentley, Isha Faisal, Summer Jackson.

Physical & Expressive Arts
Safina King, Molly Harrison, Ethan Lea, Emily Hubszer, James Horton, Luke Hague, Dilara Altindas, Rebecca Pickin, Abby Boulton-lear, Lauren Perry, Connor Small, Lydia Clowes.

Charlie Rider, Gemma Rawlingson, Lilly Ibbs-Bates, Omema Salah, Zoe Jackson, Kayci Dalton, Katie Humphries, Dominic Wood, Caitlin Blood, Rahat Abid, Keri Sutton, Shoib Ghani.

Technology & ICT
Kirsten Else, George Williams, Joshua Pritchard, Jack Ball, George Bentley, Dylan Bell, Joshua Davies, Aidan Parry, Selina Ashraf, Sliman Shams, Samantha Layden, Jake Armstrong.

Creative Learner
Jasmine Price, Samuel Brown, Dylan Walker, Grace Clowes, Emy Mulankaya, Shanjanaa Janarthanan, Bradley Steele, Awais Ahmed.

School Achievement Award: Mill Hill Primary Academy

Amber Deakin, Destiny Hansbury.

Skye Yoxall, Ammarn Iqbal.

Lewis Grice, Holly Frost.

Contribution to School Life
Amna Ovais, Hussnain Abid.

School Achievement Award: Smallthorne Primary

Kaitlyn Barber, Kieron Johnstone, Keiron Horne, Ashley hall, Harvey Hancock.

Josh Holmes, Brooklyn Sheppard, Laura Freeman, Siobhan Ward, Reece Merritt, James Gerrity, Tiya Siddika.

Aiden Scott, Coleen Rose, Ryan Powell, Lleton Leese, Jessica Badbury, Rose Carr.

Contribution to School Life
Tori-Leigh Cuthbertson, Grace Parry.

School Achievement Award: Hillside Primary

Madison Cooper, Poppy Lyons Rhodes.

Asvin Sathananthan, Katie Hurst.

Jodie Pattyson, Joshua Wilson.

Contribution to School Life
Jake Finney, Mckenzie Abraham, Megan Grice, Ellie Heath.

School Achievement Award: Holden Lane Primary

Samantha Morton, Sefin Alan.

Giorgos Tsakos, Kain Spooner.

Vela Mkuhlani, Siraaj Bilal.

Contribution to School Life
Arin Alan, Jilan Khalid, Amelia Band, Raece Raja.

School Achievement Award: Haywood Academy

Chelsea Sloane-Bulgar, Georgina Lousia.

Harry Swift, Darren Carter.

Zeri Salem, Rahbar Zaman.

Contribution to School Life
Emad Kabiri, Hope Edwards.

Prestige Awards

Writing Champion
Keyleigh-Sue Williams (MH), Katelyn Baddeley-Gwilt (S), Millie Beardmore (H), Danielle ball (HL), Janayah King (HA).

Citizen of the Year
Maddison Fowell (MH), Keron Horne (S), Owen Harley (H), Grace Clowes (HL), Morgan Bailey (HA).

Award for Diligence
Jamarl Hughes (MH), Jessica Bradbury (S), Brooke Slmon (H), Vela Mkuhlani (HL), Dominic Dale (HA).

Male Sporting Star
Afan Asif (MH), George Bentley (S), Theo Green (H), Siraaj Bilal (HL), Abdul Khan (HA).

Female Sporting Star
Allivia Pritchard (MH), Tori-Leigh Cuthbertson (S), Libby Ankers (H), Amelia Band (HL), Alev kose (HA).

Numeracy Champion
Kelsey Ford (MH), Ella Woodcock (S), Aiden Holmes (H), Tina Zheng (HL), Harrison Cunliffe (HA).

Reading Champion
Courtney Walters (MH), Brooklyn Sheppard (S), Finley Shaw (H), Zrink Ismail (HL), Jasmine Cotterill (HA).

Friendship Oak
Emily Salmon (MH), Ryan Powell (S), Jack Mountford (H), Adam Lowe (HL), Zina Salem (HA).

Award for Strength of Character
Imogen Hollins (MH), Joshua Holmes (S), Mollie Llewellyn (H), Kia Taher (HL), Hanin Aidy (HA).

Award for Resilience
Junior Barr (MH), Kayci Dalton (S), Eliza Garside (H), Ethan Lea (HL), Rebecca Dawes (HA).

Award for Endeavour
Katie Dudley (MH), Kaitlyn Barber (S), Connor Stevenson (H), Khadijah Bilal (HL), Michael Hastings (HA).

Above and Beyond
Aisha Kousar (MH), Grace Parry (S), Chloe Marrison (H), Omema Salah (HL), Harry Smedley (HA).

Expressive Arts Award
Tia Oaks (MH), James Horton (S), William Rhead (H), Lilly Ibbs-Bates (HL), Aimee Clayton (HA).

Award for Significant Improvement
Nathan Lightfoot (MH), Siobhan Ward (S), Joseph Sanders (H), Raece Raja (HL), Keeley Robinson (HA).

School Star
Hussnain Abid (MH), Grace Parry (S), Zoe Williams (H), Aneeqa Ali (HL), Nadia Moyo (HA).

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The staff here are excited about the extensive opportunities for collaborative working, sharing of teaching and learning expertise and resources and partnership development work, all of which will provide excellent learning opportunities for the children of our city.

Sharon Bates

Headteacher, Mill Hill Primary School