Board of Trustees

City learning trust mike chadwick

Mike Chadwick

I have been a school governor for more than 20 years and during that time have been involved in many exciting and rewarding challenges in the field of education. I am proud to have been able to use my professional skills to contribute to the many changes we have been through and am grateful for the skills and development that governorship has afforded me personally.

We have an exciting prospect ahead of us; establishing a framework that will enable the CLT and its member academies to grow and flourish both individually and collectively. We will provide the best possible opportunities for personal development and learning for students, teaching and non-teaching staff and the wider community. We will measure our performance and progress to ensure we deliver excellence in all we do and a strategy to allow for continuity and succession. We will utilise resources wisely to provide an effective, efficient and value for money programme of excellence that we can all share and be supportive of.

I am confident that together we can achieve more, spread good practice and evolve to take on better solutions.