Board of Trustees

Glenn Fitzgerald

I have worked for Fujitsu since 1979 and throughout my varied career have gained experience in a wide range of IT fields, including hardware, software and firmware design, infrastructure implementation, project management and business and ICT architecture. I am a Fellow of the British Computer Society and in this role I am particularly active in reaching out to the academic and educational sectors.

As an employer of technical apprentices and graduates, I am acutely aware of both the positive future that a career in a technically-based role can offer, and the current severe shortage of young people with STEM qualifications (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), in a world of work that has an increasing dependence on STEM skills. I am an advocate of the promotion of STEM disciplines in UK education. I would like to support students and pupils in the Trust to gain the relevant qualifications to enter STEM based employment so that they have the opportunity of a fulfilling and prosperous career.