Our values

Our Values

Our core values are generated through our mission to ‘cooperate to inspire world class achievement’.


Our academies are a family of schools who share a co-operative bond and are dedicated to the communities we serve.


We value working together to improve outcomes and believe we are stronger as a whole when we do this.


We value our people and organizations’ abilities, qualities and achievements, and operate using the principles of equality, equity and solidarity.


We encourage the use of imagination and original ideas in all our schools as a key building block for successful citizens of the future.


Our ethical principles of integrity and openness underpin how we define the value of honesty in our organizations to develop the key skill of social responsibility.


Our schools have a compelling enthusiasm and desire to provide a world class education for our young people.


We believe in taking ownership of our actions and giving valued support to others.


We believe in listening to, inspiring and empowering our community of people so that they can unlock their true potential.


Our organizations co-operate to succeed and highly value individual successes at every level. We believe in collective success that is the outcome of our inspirations and perspirations. We aim for the peace of mind that is achieved by the satisfaction that we did our best to become the best we are capable of becoming.